Combine it


Keep it simple. Keep your super together!

If you’ve had more than one job, chances are you have more than one super account. You may have even lost track of some accounts, or have had super paid into accounts that you don’t know about.

Plus every super account you have will be charging you fees. And you may also have insurance premiums deducted from your account.

Combine and save more super

On the surface, these fees may seem small. But when you look at the extra cost over 5, 10 or 20 years, it really adds up. And then if you think about how that money would’ve grown if it had stayed in your account, you can see how you could be thousands of dollars better off by keeping your super in one account.

By combining your super, you will:

  • only pay one set of fees
  • know exactly where your super is
  • find it easier to manage your super
  • have more control over your investments
  • reduce your paperwork; and
  • save more super.

Before you combine your super, it’s worth checking if:

  • your other fund will charge you an exit fee; and
  • you’ll lose any insurance benefits by moving your super out of your other fund.

Combining your super into Maritime Super is easy – just fill in the Rollover to Maritime Super form and send it into us. We’ll do the rest.

Could you have lost super?

If you’ve changed your job or even your address, there’s a chance that some of your hard-earned super has slipped through the net, and has gone ‘missing’.

At last count, there’s over $17.5 billion of lost and unclaimed super sitting in inactive accounts. Some if it could be yours.

Finding lost super isn’t as hard as it sounds; all you need to do is log in to your MyGov account and click on 'Manage my super'



Your industry. Your Fund.

Maritime Super has been helping Australian maritime workers make the most of their super for over 50 years. As your industry fund, we’re run only to profit members, have low fees and offer insurance options that are tailored to you.


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