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Why boost your super?

Everyone’s retirement dream is different, but the one thing that’s the same is that we all want to live comfortably in retirement.

The experts pretty much all agree that your employer’s contributions alone probably won’t be enough to give you a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. That’s why you need to put extra money into your super throughout your working life.


Explore your contribution options

See for yourself how putting in extra can make a difference to your future balance – explore your contribution options with this easy to use Calculator.


There’s more than one way to boost your super

Regular weekly payment

Regular contributions are a great way to put in a little extra, without really noticing it too much in your pay packet.

All you need to do is ask your employer to pay part of your wage directly into your super. You can make payments before tax (this is known as salary sacrifice) or after tax.

When you make before-tax contributions* you don’t pay income tax on the money going into your super. Instead, that money is taxed at just 15% (which is lower than the income tax most people pay). However, there are limits to how much money you can put into your super at this tax rate.

After-tax contributions* is money that you put into your super after income tax has been paid. There is no extra tax paid on this money when it goes into your super account, as it has already been taxed. 

To start making regular contributions complete the Voluntary contributions form.

* Limits apply – learn more about contribution caps.

One-off payment

If you’ve come into some cash, a one-off payment into your super is a great boost for your future income.

You can put in extra money toward your super at any time using BPAY, direct deposit or by cheque.

To make a one-off payment, complete the Deposit form and transfer the money using:


BPAY BPAY Biller Code 102012

Customer Reference Number

Direct Deposit Account name: Maritime Super
  BSB: 083 001
  Account number: 17 072 2401

Your member number, surname and contribution type

Cheque Send a cheque payable to Maritime Super to:
Maritime Super
Locked Bag 2001
QVB Post Office NSW 1230 


Spouse contributions

Spouse contributions build up your super as a couple and offer tax offsets – it’s a win win.

If your partner earns less than $37,000 a year, you can put in extra money into their account, known as a spouse contribution. If you do this, you could be eligible to get a tax offset of up to $540. It’s a great way to make sure that one partner’s super doesn’t suffer if they are working reduced hours, on maternity or paternity leave, or unable to work.

Government contributions

They say you can’t get anything for free – but when it comes to super, the Government’s willing to lend a helping hand to Australians on lower incomes.

If you earn less than $57,016 a year, you might be eligible to get free super from the Government through either the Co-contribution or the Low Income Superannuation Tax Offset.


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