Standard risk measure


Assessing the risk

To help you assess risk the risk of different investment options, we’ve applied a standard risk measure to all of our investment options. It is a simple risk measurement tool that can help you to compare the risk of negative returns for different investment options, both within the Fund and between funds.

The risk level of each of our investment options is rated using this risk measure from very low to very high. Each rating provides an estimate of how many negative returns are expected for over a 20-year period.


Investment option risk rating Estimated number of negative returns over a 20 year period
Very Low Less than 0.5
Low 0.5 to less than 1
Low to Medium 1 to less than 2
Medium 2 to less than 3
Medium to High 3 to less than 4
High 4 to less than 6
Very High 6 or more


Read our Investment Supplement to learn more about the Standard Risk Measure and how it applies to different investments.



Investing your super

Make an informed investment choice – in this video learn about the relationship between risk and return and the fundamentals of investing.

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