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We make it easy for you to manage your pension

Your Maritime Super pension is designed to be flexible and suit your changing needs and lifestyle in retirement. You can update or adjust most things online straight away or just call us on 1800 757 607 – we’re always here to help you.


Manage your pension online with Member Online

You can log in to Member Online at any time and:

  • check the components of your benefit, transactions, investment choices, beneficiaries and contact details
  • change your investment strategy
  • update your bank account and pension payment details.

If you have lost or forgotten your password, call us on 1800 757 607 and we can provide you with a new one.


Change your investment strategy

Before you change your investment strategy, we recommend you have a chat with one of our planners. You can talk to a planner over the phone, so give us a call on 1800 757 607. Otherwise you can make an appointment to meet with a financial planner.

You can also use the Pension Drawdown Calculator to see how the change in your investment strategy could affect your pension over the longer term.

You can change your investment strategy online, by logging into your account on Member Online, or by completing the Variation of investment options form.

Change your payments

If you would like to change your payment amount or frequency, you need to complete the Variation of Pension Details form.

Before you change your payments we suggest that you use the Pension Drawdown Calculator or speak to a planner to see how the change you’re considering will affect your pension over the longer term.

Make a lump-sum withdrawal

If you would like to withdraw a lump-sum from your pension account, complete the Partial Withdrawal form.

To withdraw extra money from your account you need to have already been paid, or be able to be paid, the minimum pension payment amount that year. Your minimum payment amount is based on your age, and starts at 4% of your total balance if you’re under 65.

Update your beneficiaries

You can nominate or update your beneficiaries at any time. With your pension account, there are three different types of beneficiary nominations that you can make. Learn more.

To make, or update a:

To change your reversionary beneficiary, complete the Change of Reversionary Beneficiary form.


Talk to a financial planner

As a member, you can talk to or meet with a planner at any time. This can be really helpful if your personal circumstances have changed or if you are looking to change your investment strategy.