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When it comes to making decisions, we all like to weigh up the pros and cons and get a feel for the possible outcome. So when it comes to making decisions about your money and your savings, it makes sense to take the same approach.

These calculators are designed to help you do that. They’re easy to use and they'll give you a good idea of what the outcome might be if you were to make changes to your super or pension.

TIP: If you login to Member Online, the calculators will have your personal information pre-populated, so you don't have to guess or go looking for it.


Retirement Income Calculator

Want to see how much super you’re likely to finish up with, along with what sort of income that might provide for your life after work?


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Contributions Calculator

Are you thinking about putting extra money into your super or wondering how much extra money you can add to your super within the contribution caps?


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Pension Drawdown Calculator

Do you want to know how long your pension, or super, is likely to last? Or, do you want to work out the ideal income you should take from your pension annually?


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Insurance Needs Calculator

Need help determining the level of insurance cover you need to protect you and your family? Not sure if you have adequate cover?


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