Reel In Your Super


Don't let it slip through the net

We’ve all heard about the one that got away … well your super can be a little like that, too.

You see, the more super accounts you have floating around, the greater the chance that you’ll lose track of them.

By reeling in your super accounts into one account, you can keep an eye on your hard-earned money. Better still, having only one account means that you’re only paying one set of fees and managing your super investment more efficiently.

Your super will thank you for it.

Before you combine your super, it's worth checking if your other fund will charge you an exit fee or if you lose any insurance benefits.


What’s in it for you?

  • Save Time

    not having to manage several super accounts

  • Save in fees

    save money by paying only one set of fees

  • Invest more efficiently

    have greater control over your investment strategy

Go on, get rolling ...

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