Get on board

As an industry employer, it makes sense to have us look after you and your team. 

Maritime Super is a MySuper authorised fund, so there’s also no issues in nominating us as the default fund for your employees who don’t have a fund nominated in their Award or Industrial Agreement.

Step 1 – Get an Employer Pack

Call us on 1800 757 607 or email and ask us to send you an Employer Pack. It has all the information you need to join.

Step 2 – Send in your Application

To become a Maritime Super employer, your business needs to be part of the broader maritime industry. When you complete your application, you will need to select the division (Stevedores, Seafarers or Maritime Super) that best represents your business. If you’re not sure, call us and we’ll help you decide.

Step 3 – Nominate authorised officers

The Maritime Super Trustee will review your application and let you know once it’s approved. Then we’ll need you to nominate the authorised officers (the people who will work with us) by completing the Authorised Officers form.


Need help joining?

Give Mick our General Manager - Engagement a call on 0410 446 791 to find out more about how we can help your business and how to join Maritime Super.