Switch it?


Think before you switch

While we offer choice and flexibility when it comes to investing, we do recommend that you think carefully before you switch. Once you’ve chosen a strategy that aligns with your financial goals and targets, it’s important you stick with it to achieve it. If you’re reacting to market volatility or trying to time the market, switching could leave you worse off. 

Follow your strategy, not the markets

People tend to panic when markets are volatile, but it’s important to keep your emotions in check. Generally the worst thing you can do when markets are down is move your super to a lower risk option, like cash. History shows that investors who do this usually miss the market recovery and lock in losses. When you switch or ‘jump ship’ at a low price you are essentially locking in your losses. If you sit tight and ride out the volatility, markets typically recover.

When is it ok to switch?

It’s possible that over time your personal circumstances and/or financial goals may change – life has a funny way of changing, that’s fine we get it. But, we do recommend you talk to a planner before making a change to your investment strategy, they can help you assess your situation and choose the right strategy.

How to switch or change your investment strategy

Before you switch investments, call us on 1800 757 607 and have a chat with one of our planners. We also give free investment advice over the phone – make sure you take advantage! 

To change your investment strategy:


Investing your super

Make an informed investment choice – in this video learn about the relationship between risk and return and the fundamentals of investing.


What you need to know about switching

To provide you with flexibility and control over the investment of your super, we offer daily investment switching free of charge. You can change investment options for all or part of your existing account balance and/or your future contributions. 

Switches are processed on every national business day. A national business day is a weekday that is not a national public holiday or the NSW Queen’s Birthday public holiday. Switch requests between investment options received before 4.00pm (AEST/AEDT) are transacted at the unit prices applicable on the day your request is received, otherwise they are not considered to have been received until the following national business day.

However, the calculation of unit prices takes two national business days, and therefore these unit prices will only be available to you two national business days after receipt of your requested investment switch. For example, if you make a switch on a Monday, and each of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are national business days, then the unit prices used for your switch will be those relating to Monday, which can be seen on Wednesday.

In the case of multiple investment switch requests received in the same day, your latest request received will apply. Where you have made an investment switch or cash transfer request as well as a benefit payment request in the same week, the benefit payment instruction will override the investment switch or cash transfer and therefore your existing investment choice will apply. In the case of a partial benefit request, it will also override the latest investment switch or cash transfer for that partial amount.

Once a switch has been completed, we will send you a letter or email to confirm your switch.  


Before you switch, talk to us

You can get free phone advice or meet with a planner – find out if switching really is your best option.


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