Well considered

At Maritime Super we believe investment success comes from setting a long-term investment strategy and staying on course with it. Our main driver is to help our members achieve financial security in retirement. To do so, we take the investment of your assets very seriously.

Learn more about Maritime Super’s investment approach.

Investment managers

Maritime Super has appointed JANA Investment Advisers as our principal investment adviser. JANA provides us with expert investment advice and assists us in responsibly managing and investing the 5 billion of members’ money that we care for.

We also have a range of external investment managers who invest all the money across the asset classes. Learn more.

Investment holdings

Your super is invested across a wide range of different investments.

See Maritime Super’s top 20 Australian share holdings.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

At Maritime Super we strive to be a responsible investor. When investing, we require our investment managers to consider the environmental, social and ethical impact of our investment decisions. These include factors like:

  • climate change, energy efficiency, water and waste treatment practices
  • human capital, workplace health and safety, industrial and community relations
  • business ethics, transparency of company management and reporting, executive remuneration and board structure.

 Learn more about Maritime Super’s ESG Policy