Moderate option


Investment target

The Moderate option invests approximately 96% of funds according to the target asset allocation of 70% in growth assets and 30% in defensive assets and the remainder towards the MVP approach.

Investment objective

Investment objective (after fees and taxes over rolling 10-year periods) – to outperform the annual rate of inflation (CPI) by around 2.5% pa.

Suitable for

Most suitable for members who are willing to accept a medium risk of a negative return in any one year.

Risk versus return

This option has significant emphasis on growth assets with the aim of achieving higher returns, together with some lower-risk defensive assets to reduce the short-term risks associated with growth assets and the MVP approach to manage extreme volatility. It offers a balance between expected long-term returns and the risk of a negative return in any one year.

Asset allocation*


*The MVP overlay varies the allocations to Australian and International shares in response to market conditions, with the aim of lessening the impact of significant market downturns. The total shares exposure will generally be in the range of 20%-45% and the total growth assets in the range of 40%-65%, but may temporarily lie outside these ranges under extreme investment conditions. 


Moderate Investment return to 30 June 2020
Option 3 years 5 years 10 years
Accumulation 2.08% 3.56% N/A
Pension 2.36% 3.97% N/A

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Refer to the Investments Supplement for more information on investment options.


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