Changing jobs


Lifetime membership

When you change jobs, there’s enough to think about without having to deal with your super. Maritime Super offers lifetime membership, so you can stay with the Fund you know and trust for as long as you wish.


Changing jobs

Super doesn’t have to move with you – in this video learn how your new employer can contribute to your Maritime Super account.


Moving to another job in the maritime industry

If you’re moving to another job in the industry, chances are your new employer will already be a Maritime Super employer. All you need to do is give them your existing membership details. They will be able to start paying your super into your existing account.

Changing industries

If you have decided on a new career in a new industry, you can ask your employer to direct their contributions into your Maritime Super account.

Your employer will give you a Standard Choice of Fund form. Just fill this in with your membership details, to get your new employer to pay your super directly into your Maritime Super account.

Don't forget to contact us so we can transfer your account to the correct membership category.