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Great advice, just for you

Whether retirement’s a long way away, or just around the corner, seeing a financial planner now can really get you set up for the future. And because everyone’s different, we offer a range of advice options to give you as little – or as much – advice as you need.




Financial advice

Improve your financial outcomes – in this video learn how financial advice can set you on the path to financial freedom, with your first appointment free of charge.


Advice over the phone – at no cost

You can call us on 1800 757 607 and get limited advice from a financial planner right away, about:

  • the best way to invest the money in your super or pension account; and
  • growing your super.

You’ll get advice that’s based on your circumstances as they relate to your enquiry, and your plans for the future. You’ll be asked a few questions to help the planner understand your goals and the sort of investor you are. They’ll then provide you with the advice you need to answer your questions.

This sort of advice is commonly known as ‘limited advice’, and it’s provided by a qualified and licensed financial planner, focused on your personal needs at the time and related directly to your account with us.

When you call, our member services team can also give you general advice about your:

  • super and the money you have with us
  • insurance options
  • pension options; and
  • pretty much anything else related to your Maritime Super account.

This type of advice is called ‘general advice’. We’re able to give you general information about your super or pension, but the advice doesn’t take into account your personal goals, needs or situation.

Advice in person

If you’d prefer to meet with a planner, or you’re looking for advice that will provide you with a strategy to achieve your longer-term financial goals, it’s best to make an appointment with one of our financial planners.

They can help you with anything to do with your finances, including:

  • growing your super
  • preparing for retirement
  • transition to retirement strategies and pensions
  • making investment decisions
  • protecting you and your family and making sure you have the right amount of insurance
  • estate planning; and
  • taxation, Centrelink and Age Pension eligibility.

Learn more about meeting with a financial planner and what to expect.

Maritime Super financial planners don’t accept commissions. This means you can be confident that their advice is based on what’s best for you.

Make sure you get the right advice, from the right person

Personal advice can only be given by a person who’s licensed to do so – all of Maritime Super’s financial planners are highly experienced and are authorised to provide advice under a Maritime Financial Services Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL No 241735) and are registered as Tax (financial) Advisers.


Our planners are here to help

When it comes to saving for your future, there is no substitute for good financial advice. So if you have questions about your super or pension, call us on 1800 757 607 to talk to a planner, or make an appointment now.


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