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Maritime Super is the largest industry fund for the maritime industry. We’re proud of our history of serving the maritime industry and we’re committed to building lifelong relationships with members throughout their working lives and into retirement.

Over the years, we’ve delivered innovative super and retirement benefits to generations of members.

Our goal is to help members make the right decisions now to secure financial freedom in the future.


The benefits of membership

As your industry super fund, we have membership categories and generous benefits specific to the maritime industry. And as a profit-to-member fund, we’re committed to keeping costs low to maximise your retirement benefits.


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Why we’re here

We’re one of Australia’s longest-running super funds, and we’re here only to benefit members.

We’re here to help members make the most of their super, and that’s the way it’s been for over 50 years.

Our mission is to provide cost-effective and quality services and benefits to our members, working collaboratively with employers and the union to run the Fund with integrity and strong governance.

Learn more about the Fund’s management below.


The role of the Directors is to ensure that the Fund is run in accordance with Government legislation and the Trust Deed, and to act in the best interest of all members and beneficiaries. In accordance with the SIS Act, the Board of Directors of the Trustee company is made up of an equal number of employer and member representatives. Two independent Directors have also been appointed to the Board.

The current Board of Directors comprises:

  • four employee Directors who are appointed by the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) and represent members;
  • two employer Directors elected by Participating Employers in the seafaring industry;
  • two employer Directors appointed by Full Participating Employers in the stevedoring industry; and
  • two independent Directors.

Directors are appointed or nominated in accordance with the Constitution.

Member representative directors are nominated by the Maritime Union of Australia on behalf of the members of the Fund. Employer directors representing the stevedoring industry are appointed by the large employers, while employer directors representing the seafaring industry are elected by the participating employers through a ballot system. Directors can only be removed by the same process or if the director no longer meets the fit and proper requirements.

Maritime Super indemnifies the Directors against any loss resulting from claims made against them for wrongful acts. Maritime Super has taken out insurance to indemnify the Directors (and other responsible officers) from loss resulting from any claim made against the Trustee for any wrongful act of the Trustee or any other person for whose wrongful act the Trustee is legally responsible. The Directors are not, however, indemnified against fines or penalties imposed by law as a result of negligent or dishonest conduct. No claim has ever been lodged against a Maritime Super Director.


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Alisha Bull
Deputy Branch Secretary, Tasmania, Maritime Union of Australia

Jamie Newlyn
Branch Secretary, South Australia, Maritime Union of Australia

Paul Garrett
Branch Assistant Secretary, NSW, Maritime Union of Australia

Will Tracey
Branch Secretary, West Australia, Maritime Union of Australia

Click on the relevant link for more information on bios, register of interest and duties, and remuneration for Directors and Other Responsible Persons.

Sam Kaplan
Deputy Chairman, Qube Holdings Limited

Teresa Lloyd
CEO, Maritime Industry Australia Ltd, (MIAL)

Jason Varsamidis
CFO, DP World Australia

Jeffrey Weber
Managing Director, Mermaid Marine Australia Ltd

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Lynelle Briggs (AO) (Chair)
Norman Pack

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Jessica Blomfield

Elizabeth Buckey

Alisha Bull

Michael Jovicic

Garry Keane

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Peter Robertson
Chief Executive Officer

Glenn Davis
Executive Officer

Grant Harslett
Executive Manager, Investments and Finance

Brad Morcombe 
Executive Manager, Operations

Valerie Manning
General Manager, Governance and Risk

Click on the relevant link for more information on bios, register of interest and duties, and remuneration for Directors and Other Responsible Persons.

The Trustee also operates under a system of committees and currently has five committees, each with their own charter and responsibilities.

The Audit and Risk Committee has oversight of compliance and risk, internal and external audit functions and governing policies.

The Investment Committee is responsible for conducting due diligence on new investment managers, implementing the investment strategy agreed by the Board and monitoring investment performance.

The Remuneration Committee oversees remuneration of senior executive management, and approves the salary budget for management and staff.

The Benefits Committee deals with death and TPD claims, and complaints regarding insurance, benefit payments or litigation.

The Marketing Committee sets the marketing strategy in line with the business strategy and objectives.

As the management and administration of a superannuation fund is highly specialised, the Trustee also delegates certain activities to professional service providers.

As a member you have access to a range of financial services with organisations that support our industry and industry fund members.

Unity Bank is a member-owned co-operative that has been operating since 1970, serving the needs of its member and their families Australia-wide. They offer a complete range of financial services including savings accounts, term deposits, home loans, personal loans, credit cards, insurance and financial planning.

With more than 40,000 members and assets of over $1 billion, Unity Bank has 26 branches across Australia and Relationship Managers covering metro, coastal, rural and regional areas in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.

Unity Bank puts members before profits. Their vision is about lifelong financial prosperity, security and dignity of members. For more information, call Unity Bank on 1300 362 000 or visit www.unitybank.com.au.

Guideway Financial Services is a non-aligned advisory service provider that partners with likeminded financial organisations to deliver high-quality advice, and a range of services for large Industry Super Funds. 

Every year, we all need to file a tax return and this can be a costly and time-consuming exercise.

All Maritime Super members have access to discounted tax assistance through Guideway Financial Services, with prices starting from just $59.

To learn more, speak to your Maritime Super financial planner.

ME was born at a time when industry super funds wanted to create a bank that offered low cost loans that would enable all Australians to realise the dream of purchasing a home.

Today ME is a fully-fledged bank but that same people shaped philosophy remains.

ME are working hard to move on, to reinvent and to really do the things that will liberate Australians to help them get ahead. They want to make things easier, put their dreams within reach, and enable them to live the lives that they really want.

As a member of Maritime Super, you have access to a range of simple and straightforward everyday banking products from Bank ME.

For more information visit www.bankme.com.au or call 13 15 63.

Maritime Super is passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of our members and the community. In support of this we are closely aligned with organisations; Hunterlink and SuperFriend.

Hunterlink National is committed to providing support and counselling services for maritime workers and their families.

Their team of experienced, professional counsellors understand the unique issues facing those working in the maritime industry. They specialise in helping people deal with:

  • substance abuse
  • problem gambling and other addictions
  • financial problems and money management
  • grief; and
  • anxiety and depression.

Their support services are free of charge and counsellors are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Finding Assistance for you and your family, call 1800 554 654 or visit www.hunterlink.org.au

SuperFriend works with Industry Superannuation funds to provide individuals, employers and workplaces with information about improving and maintaining mental health and wellbeing.

The SuperFriend website offers a range of trusted information and resources to help members reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.

Visit the SuperFriend website to find out about:

  • Proactive ways to improve mental health; like sleeping well and reducing alcohol intake
  • How to work towards a healthier workplace for everyone
  • The facts about common disorders such as depression and anxiety, and less common illnesses like bipolar disorder
  • Where to seek reliable help and support.